Best of 2010

We can thank Jim Goldstein of JMG-Galleries for this comprehensive list of photographers’ top 10 images of 2010.

Not to be harsh here but most of these galleries are composed of snapshots. There’s nothing wrong with snapshots (and some of them are really interesting) but I lean more toward photographers who are shooting art and using the medium of photography as a means to express themselves. For example, some of the photographers on the top 10 list are obviously unschooled when it comes to “photography” but are still creating interesting, even compelling, images. Some of the black and white and portrait work is well worth the time to scan the list.

I think if I see one more overly manipulated candy-coloured landscape I’ll scream. (If you want to see how to create stunning lanscape images using one or two colours only go to Jim’s site. Fabulous images.


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