How to use flash and learn photography

When I taught photography for Henry’s School of Imaging (which I recommend now that they’ve had made some organizational changes) we used to teaching everything about photography but the courses were aimed at beginners.

Today emerging pros or advanced amateurs may have a difficult time finding a decent one-day photography course on advanced subjects.

Here in southern Ontario I highly recommend my friend Michael Willems whose site is a must read. Michael also teaches at Henry’s and he runs his own advanced courses.

I took a workshop with David Tejada when he came to Buffalo, New York, last year. Highly recommended. (That’s one of my shots from David’s workshop.)

But what if you can’t get away or you don’t have the cash for a workshop? I can highly recommend Friday Photo School run by Will Crockett.

I like Will. He grows on you 🙂 But best of all, he knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it. And even better, his teaching is simple enough for beginners to follow (especially if they have a basic understanding of how their camera works) but advanced enough for emerging pros to learn from Will.

I especially liked the free workshop at his site about flash and another on the difference between JPGs and RAW files (I learned something new about JPGs watching Will. If you shoot in JPG mode and get say a 9 meg file and open it up in RAW the file will open up to 30 megs in size. Okay how about if you shoot RAW first and then process it and make a JPG. Guess what? It produces a 9 meg JPG file.

But is there a quality difference between the two files? You got to watch Will at Friday Photo School to find out :). The answer may surprise you


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