NIK gets better and better

Want to learn a lot about photography in a hurry? Then click on over to NIK Software’s Learn tab and start watching the videos. The gang at NIK has figured out how to produce and deliver really worthwhile online webinars.

Sure the content is largely about their software products but there’s lots in the webinar for everyone.

Having said that I recommend all their products and I’ve got them all and use them all the time.

If you’re going to pick one start with Color Efex Pro 3 which is a wonderful collection of filters).

Silver Efex Pro 3 (which is coming out next month and I’ve already placed my order) is an upgrade from Silver Efex Pro 2 which produces stunning digital black and white photos just like I used to make in the wet darkroom at the daily newspaper where I was one of the staff photographers.

If you can afford the entire collection (sold at a big discount when you buy it all), you’ll have software solutions which you will use on after every photo shoot.

One new package is HDR Efex Pro. I used to think that creating high dynamic range images was complicated. With NIK’s HDR Efex Pro it’s really simple. I’d call it one-button processing (which you can do) but there are so many other controls that makes it sound too basic as it’s one of the most sophisticated pieces of software in my arsenal.

But best of all, regardless of which package you buy, NIK has online support and teaching which is almost as good as what I do in classes 🙂


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