Photos for 4-club Exhibit are up

I was delighted to be allowed to volunteer my time to the Four-Club exhibit (Oakville Camera Club, Hamilton Camera Club, Latow Photographers Guild and Trillium Photographic Club) that took place on a snowy Saturday night in Burlington, Ontario (Burlington is just west of Oakville and both are about 30 kms west of Toronto on the north shore of Lake Ontario).

Shooting was a challenge: 30-foot-plus ceilings painted black; high-intensity lights of unknown colour temperature dangling from cords 25-feet up (spotty lighting); lots of photos on white walls. So my decision was to shoot RAW so I could adjust the white balance as needed back home in Lightroom 3 and no flash as there was really no place to bounce it. The display room aside from being badly lit was huge – cavernous – and bounding a flash wasn’t an option.

So the D-300 got set up with an ISO of 1600 and the D-90 was set at 800. For the most part I used a 35mm f/1.8 lens on the D-90 and a 85mm f/1.8 lens on the D-300. My 17-55mm f/2.8 lens might have worked but the ability shoot with the faster f/1.8 lenses was what was needed here. And the big secret is shoot lots because a lot of shots are going to fail under these circumstances.

And why f/1.8 lenses instead of f/1.4 or faster. The answer is of course $$$. F/1.8 is affordable. If I was shooting for a national magazine again I’d have the fastest lenses I could find and put on my expense account 🙂

Every image was adjusted in LR3 with special attention to noise reduction which worked amazingly well IMHO.

So how did I do? Well you can decide for yourself as I’ve got them up on my SmugMug site at Peter West Photo.


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