The Photo Story

B&H is one of North America’s largest photography retailers. If it’s not in the B&H catalogue, it probably doesn’t exist when it comes to still or video photography. One nice feature about sites like B&H is the company’s willingness to help new photographers shoot better images.

Case in point is Chris Gampal’s “How To Tell A Story Through Photos.”

This is the basis for all photojournalism assignments. Don’t just shoot one photo and think you’re done but shoot a series of images that takes the viewer through the experience. You can and should consider doing the same thing when shooting vacation photos.

I’m teaching a travel photography workshop to a Toronto camera club in a few weeks and I’ll be emphasizing the ideas that Chris has in this article. Why? Because telling a story can make your slideshow so much more compelling. Not only that, but these days it’s easy to create a printed coffee-table book of your own photos. How cool is that?


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