FREE Photography Workshop at Toronto Podcamp 2011

Michael Willems and I are teaming up again to do a free photography workshop at Podcamp Toronto 2011 on Sunday, February 27 at 11am at Ryerson University.

We don’t do too many free sessions so this is going to be pretty special as we’re guaranteeing that participants will leave as much better photographers than when they arrived. And it doesn’t matter what kind of camera! We can help folks with cellphone cameras, digital point-and-shoots, right up to pro-level digital single-lens reflex cameras to take radically better images.

Digital photography is both really simple (put the camera on automatic) and highly complex (auto focus can work against you. Auto exposure can get the light all wrong. There’s something called white balance which ruins lots of photos needlessly).

Michael and I have taught thousands of new and advanced photographers how to use their equipment. We use simple to understand terms and offer hands-on training.

Sure we’re both long-time professional photographers but love to teach photography and we best of all we love to see our students discover the joys of digital photography.

Our Podcamp Toronto 2011 photography workshop is going to be a winner.

BTW I’m the good-looking guy. šŸ™‚


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