NIK Workshops

One of the advantages of shooting in RAW is you can open these images in any of the high-end photo editors (Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, NX Capture) and create your own custom JPG for viewing online or printing at home or by a lab.

But a RAW photo editor is just the start. With the exception of NX Capture (which is designed mainly for RAW NEF files from Nikon cameras)all of the above editors work with NIK’s family of software products. (NX Capture does work with NIK’s Color Efex Pro 3 filter package. NX Capture is my preferred editor for my individual Nikon images while LR 3 is my editor for working on my commercial special events work. Aperture is for MAC computers only but is available right now for $70 which is a bargain. Adobe’s Photoshop Elements (under $100) will also work with all NIK products with the exception of HDR Pro.

I’ve got the whole NIK family and I can recommend every program. My favourites are Color Efex Pro 3 and Silver Efex Pro 2. I got HDR Efex Pro and it’s great fun and easy to use.

But best of all, NIK has online webinars where wonderful teachers walk you through using the products. If you can’t join the webinars, there are online tutorial videos here. Fabulous products – great teachers – good company 🙂


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