Winter’s Day

What a lovely day (-10 in the morning) and my friend Mike and I took the day off to go shooting. We ended up at Mountsberg Rapture Centre near Milton, Ontario. We walked around the centre and headed out to the sugar bush where the sap is starting to run on warm days.

Today wasn’t a warm day but there was lots to shoot.

We had a wonderful moment when three women on horseback came up one of the trails.

I’m not a big horse person but Mike hasn’t met an animal that doesn’t know that he’s a friendly sort.

Me. I like taking photos and left Mike to talk to the horses. (That’s Mike hugging a horse in the photo below.)

Funny thing though. As we were talking I said to the ladies that if they wanted to see photos of themselves to drop by this site.

(Here’s the link to images at Peter West Photo at my SmugMug site.)

Once I said my name one of the women said don’t you know so-and-so and I said yes I do.

Small world as we knew each other from Facebook connections. I’m giving a workshop next week for the agencies of the Oakville United Way and trust me this trail-side Facebook conversation will be featured.




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