David Oliver and the art of black and white

David Oliver is one of the world’s best photographers. Best of all, he loves black and white images. The bad news is he lives in Australia so going for a workshop might be out of the question.

Anyway David was the feature photographer for NIK’s webinar this evening which focused on their Silver Efex Pro software.

Now as many of you know I started my photography career shooting black and white images for a daily newspaper. After shooting for years – and years – and years I got to the point where I could see in black and white. I still can but nowhere near as well as when I was younger 🙂 Even better I got to run the newspaper darkroom and I got pretty good working with chemicals.

With the arrival of digital photography wet darkrooms went the way of the DoDo bird and I miss it.

But here’s good news: Thanks to NIK’s Silver Efex Pro I can do fabulous black and white images again and I don’t even need to get my hands wet.

This is a shot I did during a walk-about with fellow photographer Mike Cauterman up at Mountsberg Conservation Area. These three riders came by and I shot them as they approached. After I brought everything up into Lightroom 3 I converted this one in Silver Efex Pro.

Now that I’ve watched David’s workshop, there’s so much more I can do. If this guy ever offers a workshop in North America it would be worth the time and cost. Maybe I could convince Marion to visit Australia one of these days.


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