Podcamp Toronto 2011

It was a gathering of a tribe: The Digital Tribe.

It was all about sharing and caring. Organizers (and podcamps aren’t called “unconferences” for no reason and there isn’t much organization nor should there be) did a fabulous job or making sure the doors were opened on time and the classrooms were available to those who promised to making presentations. A coffee company provide wonderful coffee and croissants for 1,000 participants all day long. Rogers offered WiFi and Ryerson provided the rooms.

But it was the people…mainly young people (remember I’m in my 60s so a lot more people look young to me) packed rooms and sat in halls and talked – actually talked in person – to each other.

My photos I hope document a moment that has come and gone and maybe remembered with a certain nostalgia by all.

I know kids in their 20s and 30s will bristle when I said this but this is the right of their seniors to say:

The kids are alright. Our digital future is in good strong hands,

BTW the Strobist Toronto group was at the Podcamp shooting portraits. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


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