Podcamp Toronto 2011 now history :(

Congratulations to the organizers of Podcamp Toronto 2011. With well over 1500 registrations I guessed at Saturday’s peak there were at least 800 maybe a 1,000 people in the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University. (That’s me getting ready for the photography session with Michael Willems who wowed the crowd.)

We have to thank Rogers for this magnificent contribution to Ryerson. It’s a high tech wonder and will help educate Canada’s new digital workforce.

Podcamp attracted participants from around Ontario. These earnest 20- to 30-year olds packed the seminar rooms all day Saturday and Sunday morning. And what seminars they were. Some of Canada’s top digital entrepreneurs freely shared the “secrets” of their success (typically a good idea that solves a problem and tons of hard work, How novel and new – Not!). Smart phones and digital pads were the order of the day. Lots of Flip video and tons of DSLR cameras were evident.

As one of the oldest participants, I had a ball. Great camp. Great conversations. Great workshops.


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