I guess Shutterfly doesn’t care

Shutterfly, the online book, card and photo print company, has done a deal with Twitter that just plain puts me off.

I run Tweetdeck and one of my columns is #photography where all things marked #photography scroll down one of a half dozen columns of tweets on my screen. The only problem is now Twitter is allowing companies like Shutterfly to publish an ad at the top of the column which just sits there. This is amazingly dumb so when I sent Shutterfly an email to complain I got this reply:

Dear Shutterfly Customer,

Thank you for contacting Shutterfly.

The recent comment added by the members will appear in the first. When other members comment, the one you are referring will be moved down.

Please let me know if I can be of any more help.


Vishnu P.
Shutterfly Customer Service

Now I don’t want to sound unduly racist but based on Vishnu P’s fractured English do you think there’s a chance that he’s not from around here (as in North America) and hasn’t got a clue about what I’m complaining about? So what does this say about Shutterfly?

First their social media marketing sucks. Two their customer service is worse. Third I can’t recommend anyone do business with them. This is terrible.

And Tweetdeck….you’re next to be banished from the home screen 😦


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