How to shoot HDR

High-dynamc range photos are all the rage right now. HDR images are easy to produce thanks to software like NIK’s HDR Efex Pro. Back in the early days photographers shot three or five images and combined them as layers in Photoshop. Some guys like Trey Ratcliff shoot HDR almost exclusively and are consider experts in this field.

So how do you shoot HDR? (Here’s Trey’s online tutorial.)

The secret is of course putting the camera on a tripod because you want absolutely perfectly registered images. Second secret is to shoot in manual mode and change the shutter speed (so the aperture stays the same so that the depth of field remains constant) one stop at a time ranging from two stops under, normal exposure, and two stops over.

Take the five images and throw them into Nik’s HDR Pro which is my preferred software package and I highly recommend it and all the NIK software tools.

The third secret, and maybe the most important, is go out there and shoot a lot of images.


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