Going to the birds

The Oakville Camera Club was treated (or should that be tweeted) to an evening devoted to the birds (and bears and other critters) by wildlife photographer David Hemmings.

David is an expert bird photographer and runs Nature’s Photo Adventures where he and his staff take photographers on bird and nature photography in some of the world’s most exotic locations (including one or two right here in Ontario). The shot of David talking to the members comes via my I-Phone. (I’m not proud.)

Just like the last meeting when I spoke on shooting in “manual mode”, last night’s crowd number around 75 or so photographers from folks who were brand-new to photography to guys like me who go back to the days when 35mm Kodachrome ruled.

David treated us to an hour of talk about technique and equipment and then, after the break, he played a slideshow for us of his stunning images. My favourites by far were his shots of what I believe are snowy owls. He’s even had his photos published by National Geographic among tons of other publications. David was so kind as to elaborate on how he shoots hummingbirds (300mm lens back about 25 feet with multiple flashes controlled by the flash on the camera. He uses as many as four flashes to get images that don’t look like flash at all. This is very cool and something I’ve never done….yet.)

Anyway I know most of you don’t live in Oakville, Ontario but wherever you live there’s going to photographers and, if you’re lucky, there’s going to be a photography club or two within driving distance. Join your local club and support it with your dues and you too can experience nights of feathery wonder just like we did last night thanks to David Hemmings and the executive of our club.


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