Sony scores big with NEX-10 and NEX-5

A buddy of mine and commercial social media marketing provider who just did a great job for a fundraiser for a group called Protecting Escarpment Rural Land (PERL) shooting video and digital stills for them just upgraded his equipment to a Sony NEX-10 and NEX-5 combo. Checkout Mike’s new site at Appleby Media.

The Sony NEX-10 video camera is likely the least expensive (if anything at $2K can be called less expensive) Hi-Def video camera that takes interchangeable lenses. This is a huge advantage for videographers who shoot commercial jobs like Mike’s or do wedding photography.

I talked Mike into buying the companion NEX-5 as it shares the same lenses and has the same APS-size sensor. And, besides the little sucker is just a cool little camera that is equally at home in the hands of amateurs (who can shoot in auto mode) or pros who can really create stunning images with this well thought-out and highly rated camera.

Mike and I are planning on doing some work together and I can’t wait to get a day with my hands on the NEX-10.

Might even pickup an NEX-5 for myself someday.


One thought on “Sony scores big with NEX-10 and NEX-5

  1. I just purchased a Sony nex10 video camera, I have only shot a few minutes of my kids playing so far and I think the footage looks great, but I am filming a wedding this weekend and hope to have some great footage to show from this. Hope it works well, I’m also using two canon T2I’s as well.

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