Are you an amateur or pro?

Pros shoot for money.

Amateurs shoot for love.

Which would you rather be?

I’ve been a pro since I first began shooting seriously as a teenager shooting for local weekly newspapers. Back in those days I shot for a photo credit and $1 (which usually came out of the office coffee fund) so I could call myself a pro.

But now I want to be an amateur because I shoot for the love of photography. (That’s a model I shot at a studio lighting workshop I attended because I wanted to learn more about Westcott studio lights.)

Being an amateur doesn’t mean your images are inferior to professional images. In fact, amateurs often shoot much better images. They just don’t get paid for them. Some pros shoot fabulous images (and don’t get paid all that much anymore) but if all they do is end up on some micro-stock website where’s the joy of shooting?

Photographer Chas Jarvis has a great discussion going on at this website right now about pro vs amateur. It’s a good read.


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