It’s not the camera

Most photographers shoot crappy shots, I shoot crappy shots. We all shoot crappy shots. So we go out and buy the most expensive equipment we can afford so we can shoot better but what we get are expensive crappy shots.

Don’t believe me?

Look I see a lot of photography everyday. I’ve got Google Reader brining me anywhere from 300 to 1000 sites daily (trust me I skim through) and most of what I see is crap – often expensive crap but still crap.

Then we go to Zoriah’s blog.

His April 13th blog posting is about shooting non-crappy photos and just to rub it in he shoots with crap cameras to make his point.

I quit shooting for a number of years after realizing I would never be able to see images like this let alone shoot them.

Then I came back and I started to shoot again and while I still shoot crap, it’s better crap than I every shot before.

Best of all I’m starting to like the crap I shoot. It’s not anywhere near as good as Zoriah’s stuff but it’s better than my earlier works 🙂


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