More crazy good

Lots of folks find Ken Rockwell a bit much and that’s because he is.

He’s opinionated, passionate, articulate and this can drive the pixel peepers and camera gnomes insane. Problem is Ken can shoot most of us under the table with one hand and takes great pleasure in doing so with really crappy cameras.

For instance, Ken was a huge fan of the original 6-megapixel Nikon D-40 DSLR and he shot images with it that were superb. His images were so great that for awhile there I was looking for a used D-40 body (ended up with the wonderful and long-lasting D-90 which I’ve recommended to dozens and dozens of new photographers who wanted one of the best DSLRs ever made by anybody).

Now Ken has done it again.

During his recent photo tour of Yosemite from February 22-27 he shot with a 1960s vintage Leica M3 loaded with Kodak T-Max 100 black and white film and a 2009 Leica M9 for shooting color digital images.

Now the Leica M3 and just about any Leica lens represent the height of 35mm film cameras in both Ken’s and my opinion. I owned a Leica M4 and a bag of lenses which I foolishly sold several decades ago and have lamented ever since. Never did anything so dumb before or after and I’m lumping my first marriage into this bag so that’s how bad a decision selling the Leica was. It’s the Leica camera you see in all the movies.

But back to Ken. Take a couple of hours and work his site really hard. He’s uploaded absolutely everything you need to know to be an amazing photographer. Don’t get hung up too much on his hardware recommendations (which are all sound) but it’s passion for shooting and his eye for photography that make him a great photographer. He’s a much better photographer than most people give him credit for being but as good as he is as a photographer, he’s also a great teacher.

Enjoy yourself.


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