Top websites for a Monday

It’s Easter Monday and it’s 10:30am. I’ve been talking to clients, answering emails and after three hours, it’s time for a break 🙂

So I fired up Google Reader and here’s a selection of the best websites I’ve come across this morning:

ProNature Photographer – The Business of Outdoor and Nature Photography (Especially see 10 Tips on Selling At Art Fairs as the season is soon approaching)

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site – Life on the road with a camera

PhotoWalkPro – Why you should listen to me when I say go buy a “fast” lens to complement your “slow” kit lens.

Photography Bay – Reader Photos Roundup – April 24, 2011 – scores on wonderful images

The Mountain by Terje Sorgjerd – Best time-lapse exposure photography I’ve seen in awhile.

Zoriah – Photojournalist – It’s NOT the camera. I’ve posted this before but read it again: It’s NOT the camera!

Digital Photography SchoolThe Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible (I use one of his originals and it works fine.)

That’s an hour of surfing and it’s time to get back to work 🙂


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