Street Photography

It’s a rainy week here in southern Ontario and that means it’s a great time to take your camera out for a walk.

Many folks are afraid of getting rain on their camera. In over 40 years of photography I can safely say I only had two cameras damaged by water and that was during a fire in a factory backlot when the fire department saw we were in danger and turned a deluge hose on myself and the fire captain (a photographer of course) who were in danger.

Rain won’t damage your camera if you take some care.

Sea water will instantly. So will dropping your camera into a toilet or a bucket of beer but rain, especially if it’s not driving heavy rain, is okay. Just wipe the camera down with a towel once you get back home. It doesn’t hurt to keep the camera in the camera bag or even in a ziplock (watch out for excessive humidity) and some cameras have more weatherproofing than others but rain drops aren’t a big issue.

Your camera will get more damage shooting in humid greenhouses especially if the camera bodies are cold to begin with. For example, when the Oakville Camera Club went to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls everyone’s camera lens fogged up coming from the winter temperatures into the tropical climate of the building.

I opened my camera bag up and took out my D-300 and took the lens off and left it all to sit for 10 minutes or so while it acclimatized. The newcomers to photography were afraid to open their cameras fearing the moisture would get in but what they didn’t realize was the water vapour was already coating the inside of their camera bodies and it would be better to open them up rather than keep them closed.

The photo of the butterflies is fogged up due to the water vapour condensing on the inside of my lens.

The point of this little post is this: When it’s raining, it’s time for great photography.

Don’t believe me! See these images on street photography from the Advanced Photography blog.

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