War Photography

Here’s the number one secret to being the best photographer you can possibly be.

Go to where the photographs are. 

Not withstanding photographers like Sally Mann who found art in the images of her children taken at their country home in Virginia, most of us can’t see anything worth shooting in our own backyard and so some of us go elsewhere to find fame and fortune. (That’s a Sally Mann photo from her controversial “Immediate Family” series. Considered by many to be one of the best photographers to ever take up the camera, Sally Mann uses a traditional wet plate camera process that goes back to the days of the American Civil War.)

When I started shooting for newspapers back in the 1970s, I didn’t realize what a blessing it was to find work at a small city daily newspaper away from my own home. I developed my own style and became well-known in the community and maybe, if truth be told, maybe I should have stayed there like some of my fellow photographers did right up until the time they retired. Or maybe not 🙂

Which brings me to Stacy Persall, a retired U.S. Air Force combat photographer. Winner of the Bronze Star for her heroism under fire, Persall is an amazing photographer and someone who has looked into the void. Here’s a clip from an Opray show that suggests that observation is true.

Here’s an interview from the blog called World Assignment – The Photographer Finder of Stacy.

Stacy now runs the Charleston Centre for Photography.  (That’s one of her photos of the two soldiers.)

Stacy found a place in the photography world that brought her fame and perhaps some small fortune but like all things there is a price to be paid


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