10 Awesome Websites and One Cute Girl

The Advanced Photography website has posted 10 Awesome Photographer Portfolio Websites for your examination today.

The bane of many photographers is their online display. Too often the sites are a mad collection of pro shots, vacation pictures and shots of the wife and kids. Definitely not the way to make a good impression on a prospective client.

Speaking of photography sites, one of my favourite new photographers, Zack Arias, does critiques of sites that he publishes online.

Zack is pretty direct but less so than a potential client. This is an education in photography and web design all in one. Take a couple of hours and watch what Zack has to say. You’ll be a better photographer for it.

BTW if you’ve got three days to spare starting tomorrow, Zack is doing a three-day workshop called Foundations of a Working Photographer. If you want to buy this course, it’s $99 until April 29 and $149 after that but if you show up tomorrow you can watch for free. Here’s the info link.

I watched Zack’s three-day studio lighting workshop (for all three days) and it was fabulous.

The highlight of the event was Zack shooting the band Head Like a Kite where he captured this image which happened right in front of us as the singer Zera Marvel struggled to relax. Zack told her to scream and she said she couldn’t and her hands went up to her face and art happened right before our eyes.

Zera’s a real cute girl and the band is zany and the photography was wonderful.


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