Olympus EP-L 2 and VF2 Video

Okay I’m sold. I took my new Olympus EP-L 2 to the Oakville Camera Club last night and I shot a few minutes of video. 

Since IMovie can’t open the AVI file, I ran it through Wondershare (which watermarked my video as I was using the free version) and the results are amazing at 720p.

You have to realize the room was dark. I mean it was really dark. Most of the video was lit by the light of the slide projector.

I had just bought a VF2 viewfinder and it make shooting in the dark easy.

The white balance needs work and every so often either the camera or I refocused but overall I’m thrilled.

Now I need the SEMA-1 the accessory microphone connection (which will replace the VF-2 in the hot shoe which has a dedicated connector). I hope someone comes up with a splitter so I can use both accessories at the same time.

BTW IPhoto opened the video files just fine. A little Mac weirdness I guess.


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