Why is Chip Litherland so good?

I’m having a really busy day today what with a page full of emails, telephone messages and other callers.  Oh yes one of the joys of working at home is I get to do the laundry too🙂

So I say to myself, let’s take a few minutes and see what Google Reader has found for me today.

I’ve got over 500 hits. Yikes. And then through all the posts I chance upon an editorial comment by a shooter called Chip Litherland. He’s 33 years old and shooting in Florida and he’s more than just pretty good. I kept looking at his images on his blog and after a few minutes I figured out why I like this guy so much. It comes down to this: He can see a photo when it’s in front of him. (That’s his image of the swimming pool.)

He’s the guest blogger today on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider.

Have a look at his stuff. Often the images are of ordinary things but Chip sees them in an distinctly unique way. Chip sees things better than most of us. It’s a gift🙂

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