So you want to shoot weddings?

I’ve never shot a wedding as the principal photographer. Why? I don’t want that kind of responsibility plus I don’t know how!

What do you mean, you don’t know how? After shooting pro for 40 years (yikes!) what’s not to know?

And my answer is go ask anybody who hired a bad photographer or their Uncle Fred to shoot the wedding and you’ll have your answer.

When you shoot a wedding, you’re not taking snapshots but creating memories that will last forever or at least until the breakup. Make sure you bank the cheque right away 🙂

Wedding photography is a lot harder than it looks. Not only do you need to know your equipment inside out, your technique must be flawless as well. If you don’t know white balance inside out and off-camera flash and working with umbrellas then you’re not ready for the wedding. And then there’s the demanding bride and her uptight mother who is paying the bills. Lord save me from this 🙂

If I haven’t discouraged you yet, here’s a great article from Photopreneur website on how to get started shooting weddings as a second shooter.

(The photo of the wedding is by Elmada and comes from the Photopreneur site.


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