Charges laid in G20 photographer’s beating

Finally the subject officer in the alleged assault on Dorian Barton has been charged.

Barton is the 30-year-old cookie maker who claims he was photographing police at aQueen’s Park demonstration during the G20 when he was slammed with a riot shield and beaten with a baton. He suffered bruises and a broken arm.

Almost a year ago now on June 27, 2010 the Special Investigation Unit started an investigation which was twice dropped due an inability by anybody in the police service to identify a suspect even though a photo of a suspect was presented to police.

Newspaper reports say that after 11 other police officers failed to identify Barton’s assailant that a “blue wall of silence” was compromising the investigation.

Barton says only a full-scale public inquiry will satisfy him. He said in a Toronto Star article that the charge would never have come about if not for the media’s (especially the Toronto Star) persistence.

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