Print lessons from another master

I’ve said this before, but if you want to become a better photographer join a local camera club.

Look for a club where the members welcome newcomers and where’s there’s a good mix of photographers ranging from beginners to pros. Checkout the schedule of club events. The best organized clubs post this schedule months ahead of time.

Case in point is my home club of the Oakville Camera Club. A small beginner-friendly club, OCC has tons of special events ranging from shooting days to special workshops.

But last night’s club meeting was exceptional.

Our own Walter Sawka did a two-hour tutorial on all things about printing and it was amazing.

I heard Walter do a similar workshop two or three years ago when I bought my Epson 3800. I loved that workshop and understood about less than half.

Last night’s workshop covered much of the same ground but this time I got all of it plus I learned a few new things I didn’t know about colour space.

Walter was kind enough to bring a selection of his photos so we could admire the expert work he’s done in mastering the printing process.

Remember, even if you think you’ll never print a digital image at home, attending workshops like the one from last night will just help you become a much better photographer. Even better, if you are printing, you’ll quickly find out that you aren’t alone in struggling with the process. That’s what makes having guys like Walter such a valuable club resource.

Walter is going to do part II in the fall and I promise you I will be there in the front row.



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