I miss my EPL-2

Oh yeah. I miss my wife too. She took the EPL-2 to Paris with her this week.

The Paris holiday is a gift her sister and sister-in-law gave to our 16-year-old niece and well…the EPL-2 is my wife’s camera.

But there is good news on the horizon as Olympus has announced three new micro four-third cameras coming this August.

So what’s the big deal about micro four-third cameras? Kirk Tuck’s blog The Visual Science Lab has a terrific review on the Olympus EPL 2 which you should read if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Another great explanation of the advantages of the micro four-thirds system comes from the guys at Luminance Landscape and while the review is about the Panasonic G3 almost everything applies to the Olympus cameras as well.

My wife and I shot the 2011 Toronto Gay Pride Parade on the weekend. She used her EPL-2 with the standard 14mm to 40mm lens (28mm to 80m equivalent on a standard 35mm format) and I used our D-90 with an older 18-200mm zoom. Normally I’d take my D-300 but with the battery grip and lens it’s way too heavy to carry all day long. And that’s one of the advantages of the Olympus. I can put an EPL-2 with one lens around my neck and carry two or three other lenses in a vest and still be carrying less weight than one DX format camera and a single lens.

Plus when I look at the images in Lightroom 3 the only way I can tell who shot what is by looking at the RAW format designator on the image. The Nikon shoots NEFs and the Olympus shoots OEFs.

Sure the Nikon shoots faster and has a faster focusing system (an issue Olympus is said to have addressed in the new model) and has a larger sensor, for normal reproduction of images for the web or prints up to at least a 13″X19″ size I can’t see a difference in the image worth talking about.

I’ve bought four lenses, the electronic viewfinder (It’s $250 and a must-have IMHO), the external microphone and my old Nikon SB-28 works just fine firing from the hotshoe. I’m saving up for the new E-P3.

So am I going to scrap the Nikons and all my lenses dating back to the 1970s? No way! When it comes to shooting down and dirty I trust Nikon to get the job done and to do it right. Period. Full stop!

But when I’m shooting for myself or when I’m on vacation (I carried all my Nikon equipment to Brazil in a Think Tank Shape Shifter bag that weighed as much as my yoga teacher) I’m carrying my EPL-2 or at least I will be when my wife returns with it from Paris.

Ah Paris 🙂


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