I Just Learned Something New :)

Even old guys like me can learn new things.

I was going through the photography hits on my Google Reader when I came across a comment about the legendary Nikon 105 f/2.5 manual portrait lens. Some guys was raving about the quality and it got me thinking…I think I’ve got one upstairs in my manual camera storage box.

After a few minutes of rooting around…guess what?

Yup I’ve still got my original 105 as well as an all-glass 35mm f/2 lens and a newer manual Nikon FM2.

I can’t remember if this is my original FM2 or not. I had a matching FE2 which had auto exposure. Over the years I’ve bought more than 50 cameras starting with a Pentax Spotmatic which was soon replaced by a Nikkormat. Eventually I bought a F2 and a whole bunch of other cameras over the years including an M4 Leica and a bag of lenses (which I foolishly sold).

The 105 and 35 work fine in manual mode on my D90 and D300 and I think for less than a $100 I’ll get an adaptor for my EPL-2.


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