The 80-20 Rule Revisited

It’s the old 80-20 rule.

Eighty percent of anything is crap. Of the remaining 20 per cent only 20 per cent of that is amazing. The remaining 80 per cent is competent and may even be technically perfect but has no soul.

I was at the Barrie Ontario Kempenfest on Saturday. Hundreds of artisans displayed their works and honestly after half an hour every iron lawn crane and kitchen towel rack started looking the same.

It was the same for the photographers. There were about a dozen and of that number three were pretty good and the rest were awful.

Of the three good ones one or two were over sharpening their images and they looked hyper real. A lot of the photography was shot in vacation locations and while technically excellent it said nothing. Two of the three were printing their own images and one said she was just using a Canon Rebel but her images were so good I’m not sure I believe her. My wife said she believed her but the quality of the images was outstanding and the lady could see a picture in front of her. Maybe she was right but I wish I was shooting that well. Marion (my wife) says my photojournalism style doesn’t lend itself to comparison to landscape and exotic location photographers and maybe she’s right.

So who do I like? Well here’s a guy I follow regularly.

He shoots commercial work but there’s something meaningful in much of it…not all of it…but a lot of it. There’s enough meaning here for me that I want to study what I am seeing. And tell me if you agree with me that part one  from his online retrospective is better than okay and part two is amazing?

This is Becker and he says he’s a wedding photographer. I’m thinking he’s much more…have a look.


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