What’s the point?

I see hundreds perhaps thousands of images every week.

I use Google Reader to scan for changes in hundreds of photographic web and blog sites daily. Then I scan the headlines and look at only those sites that interest me.

So I focus on photographer’s sites, new product sites and reviews of stuff I own or would like to own.

This is how I stay informed and it’s also an education.

For example, I just spent a couple of hours looking at Flickr pool sites (like Photography Bay) and pro and advanced amateur sites and here’s my overall impressions:

  1. Turn down (or off) the special effects in software;
  2. Reduce sharpening …a lot;
  3. Don’t shoot cliche shots (How many blood red sunsets can we stand?);
  4. Learn how to make your subject the subject of the image (a lot of subjects get lost in over sharpening);
  5. What’s the point?
So let’s concentrate on “what’s the point?”
Too many shots are meaningless…pretty…but vacant. There is no point of purpose or interest. There is no story being told. Now there is an argument to be made that not every photo needs to have a story or point and I’m not against pretty pictures of painted doors etc., but when you see a shot with a point and compare it to just another pretty picture I think you’ll see the difference.
Two guys who have a point of view in just about every image is Jay Maisel (in colour) who shoots the streets of New York City and Joe Buissink (in black and white shot) who is a celebrity wedding photographer in LA.
Study the images these two guys shoot. There’s something being said in just about every image. It’s wonderful photography IMHO.

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