Coffee Tea and Photography

Walter Sawka is one of Oakville’s better photographers. Heck he’s so good I bet he’s one of Canada’s better landscape photographers.

His landscape images are outstanding and on top of that Walter is a good guy as well.

How good?

Well he gave me his old Epson 3800 printer! Okay it was broken and unrepairable but it was filled with ink jets that fitted my Epson 3800 which wasn’t broken but which needed new inks. Inks for an Epson 3800 are around $60 a cartridge so Walter’s gift was a real treat for me.

So imagine my surprise when I chanced upon Walter and the Oakville Camera Club’s Kieley Hickey (Kieley is a top wedding photographer who specializes in exotic location wedding photography) putting up a selection of Walter’s images at CJ’s Cafe in Bronte.

CJ’s is one of the nicest independent coffee shops in Oakville located at 2416 Lakeshore Road West in beautiful and historic Bronte.


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