Out-of-focus, B&W, Grainy and Magnificent

Tewfic El-Sawy is a NYC-based photographer and teacher and the author of The Travel Photographer blog.

Tewfic is an interesting photographer who shoots interesting photos of interesting subjects in interesting places and is very successful as a result.

One such interesting place was Buenos Aires where Tewfic spent a week teaching with the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop. When he wasn’t teaching Tewfic hung out at various tango halls and milongas where he shot the photos for this slide show.

See if you can watch these images and listen to the music without something stirring deep within you. This is the essence and proof that this is great photography.

The image posted here is from Tewfic’s slide show. Enjoy.

NOTE: I’m adding this comment to this post…

I’m watching Milongas: The Seduction of Tango over and over again and every time I see something new.

It was during a seminar given by New York street photographer and photography legend Jay Maisel when I first heard the term gesture applied to photography. And that’s what is happening in Tewfic’s slideshow. Every image is about gesture. Sometimes the gesture is the turn of an ankle or a closed eye or a look but each image contains within it a gesture.

Here’s a video (forgive the commercial) about Jay talking about gesture.

I’m off to shoot a job today. Must remember: gesture.


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