You’re going to be in the movies

An online article at socialmediatoday claims that 50 per cent of all web traffic is now video.

Wow! So, what does this mean to you?

It means, if your social media marketing mix is going to include video in the near future.

Case in point: Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a client and then we’re going to shoot about 60 seconds worth of video using a HD camera for her coaching website.

I won’t be shooting with a typical family camcorder (although I’ve got one that shoots 1080p Hi-Def video) but I’ll be bringing my Olympus EPL-2 advanced point-and-shoot camera.

Why the Olympus? It takes fast, interchangeable lenses. This means I can create videos that have that cinematic look and very narrow depth of field which causes my client to pop out of the background. Also this camera can take an external microphone which is essential.

I’ll be shooting for my signature look of the client in a natural outdoor scene and perfect audio.

People will watch bad video (and you should never shoot bad video) but they won’t tolerate bad audio.


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