Gliding Through Life

Just bought a new GlideCam HD 1000

These devices which come in three sizes (and match up to expensive, very expensive and excessively expensive) are essential if your handholding a camcorder.

Just watch this with-and-without video if you have any doubts.

If you check the user comments lots of folks find setting up steady cam devices really difficult. It isn’t. But the GlideCam 1000 (which is best for light cameras like consumer camcorders or lighter DSLRs like the Canon Rebel or Nikon D-90) is a precision instrument. It needs to be balanced.

Here’s a tip: Once you setup the GlideCam which takes just a few minutes add your camcorder. Now before you do anything else take off any extraneous straps, open the viewfinder if you have one that opens, add your camera-mounted accessories (I’ve got a light boom mic) before you start the process to level the camera.

Levelling the camera and adding sufficient weight to balance the assemble (so it moves slowly from a horizontal position when allowed to drop while you keep holding the gimbal handle) takes a few tries to get right but it’s not complicated.

What’s hard is walking. 🙂

Here’s how you have to walk. Fill a glass or coffee cup with water to the brim then walk around without spilling any of it.

When you can do this grasshopper, you’re ready for the GlideCam.


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