NX2 Problems

In addition to my photo classes and special event photography work I am now shooting video and that’s been taking some time and effort. I even helped a buddy shoot a wedding and you all know I’m more of a documentary photographer than a wedding photographer but a guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do.

Which brings me to a problem I’m waiting Nikon to solve.

For my special event photography I normally use Lightroom 3 to process my images but for personal or special work that needs some attention I love Capture NX2.

This photo editing software was designed specially for Nikon NEF image processing. It will work on RAW files from other camera manufactures but you have to convert them to TIFFs.

NX2 uses NIK’s unique point-technology where you drag a pointer onto your actual image and manipulate the sliders that reveal themselves on screen. This is so cool and so much faster than Photoshop (which I also own).

Over the years I’ve kept my copy of NX2 upgraded and up until yesterday when I tried to upgrade to version 2.3 everything had gone fine. But this time, after I upgraded the software wouldn’t recognize my Product Keys. This of course is a disaster and after some time on the phone with Nikon I’m sending them an email, as requested, outlining the problem, attaching proof of purchase and I’m awaiting a decision.

I am anticipating that Nikon will do the right thing. I’ve owned scores of Nikon equipment going back to the Nikkormat and currently I’ve got a box full of lenses, a D-300, a D-90 and I’m looking at D-7000 (for video). Over the years I’ve never had an issue with Nikon and I an anticipating a positive outcome here.

I’ll let you know.