Nikon Solves My NX2 Issue

Only fair to report that after a few days Nikon has agreed that yes I do own legitimate copies of Capture NX and Capture NX2 and I’ve been supplied with a product key that works.

Yeah and thanks Nikon.

Why am I so happy? After all I own legitimate copies of Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS 4. It’s because Capture NX2 is a wonderfully clever RAW converter that’s dedicated to Nikon’s NEF RAW images.

At half the price of Lightroom and quarter the price of CS 5, NX2 is a steal at $200 or so.

But, it’s not for the amateur who just wants to convert RAW files to JPGs. For that, I’d recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements which at $90 is perfect. IPhoto which comes with MAC is very good as well. I use IPhoto for almost all of my work that appears on the web.

However when it comes to my fine art photography, its Capture NX2 all the way.

The U-Point technology (which allows you to drag a point from a menu bar right onto the image and adjust whatever you want without creating additional layers) is amazing.

Anyway thanks Nikon.


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