How To Go Pro

Nikon just announced the new D-800 full-frame DSLR at around $3K and Olympus announced a new OM-D micro four-thirds pro-level body at around $1K.

So should you run out and trade in your old antiques for this new stuff? I’m sure tempted as I have invested in both systems.

Sure if (a) you can afford the ticket and (b) these cameras will pay for themselves inside of a year or so.

If not, then keep shooting with your old equipment until such time as you get good enough to actually find work.

And how do you find work in photography?

That’s easy.

You shoot lots and lots of images. You shoot everyday. You shoot everything and everybody that gets in front of your camera.

You create a professional-level portfolio website. Print your images and take them around to local galleries. You send out notices to the local newspapers about your gallery showings even if their just at the local coffee shop for a week.

You contact the editors of magazines and ask them to look at your work. (Make certain the magazine uses your kind of work. Boudoir photography won’t impress the editor of Outdoors Canada. Then again you never know. Shoot special events. Shoot weddings. Shoot news stuff. Shoot art. Shoot crap. Maybe even go to photography school. But above all keep shooting.

When I was a boy I was told there were no jobs in journalism. Everyone who bought that lie never worked in journalism. I ignored the advice and I worked in journalism all my life.

It’s that simple…and that hard.


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