A $20 Photo Editor?

I use NIK’s complete package of software in Lightroom 3 (and now 4 but don’t buy LR4 until Adobe figures out why it’s running so slowly) and Photoshop all the time. I’m not sure if I could live without Color Efex Pro 4 or Silver Efex Pro 2 and I do like HDR Pro (and I should do more HDR shots).

BTW NIK doesn’t pay me (or could pay me enough) to give this sort of endorsement.

NIK’s stuff works great. The folks at NIK are very helpful. NIK has online webinars and videos to show you how to use their products.

Having said that, we now come to NIK’s SnapSeed photo editing app for Mac.

Snapseed uses NIK’s control points which allows you to drag up to 16 different control points which can change all kinds of parameters right on your image. Once you’ve used NIK’s U-Point technology, you won’t want to go back to using layers in Photoshop ever again 🙂

Make colours snap. No problem. Reduce noise. It’s a snap. Make the sky blue. Easy. And the list goes on.

This photo editor works on your Mac, I-Pad or even I-Phone. I’m watching an introductory video lesson about Snapseed on the Mac and I am blown away about how good it is for so little money.

For $20 Snapseed is insanely cheap and wonderfully effective.


One thought on “A $20 Photo Editor?

  1. “and now 4 but don’t buy LR4 until Adobe figures out why it’s running so slowly”

    Where did you hear about this Peter?

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