D800 or Canon 5D MKIII?

Both Nikon and Canon have come out with top of the line full-frame 35mm digital cameras. Which one wins the camera shootout?

Check this excellent video by The Camera Store from Calgary Alberta. Nice job guys on the video.


Why you should join a local camera club

I’m giving a presentation tonight at the Granite Club’s Camera Club on the topic of online storage of images. I call it “Online Photo Storage or how to never lose another photo ever again!”

I’ve lost images. Another shooter friend of mine called me yesterday all in a flap after formatting a memory card which still had images on it. He’s using some image recovery software and we’re still not sure if every image is recoverable.

Last week the media had a tragic story about a family who lost all the images of their recently deceased son when a laptop was stolen.

And then there’s me. I was shooting a four-day event and I was so sure I was labelling all my memory cards correctly and downloading images to my laptop. It wasn’t until later that week that I discovered I couldn’t find the shots from Sunday morning. Still not sure what went wrong there.

And finally, had a client want a head and should shot right now sent to him via email. No problem sir. I’ll get right on it. Image wasn’t on the computer hard drive. Image wasn’t to be found on the external terabyte hard drives. Couldn’t find the image in the DVD box of backups downstairs.

An hour had gone by. I expected the phone to ring any moment and then I remember my online gallery (and storage site at SmugMug) and there it was 🙂 Another happy ending folks.

We’re going to have a discussion about what the club members use for storage and exchange recommendations about various sites.

This isn’t a topic you’re going to hear too often and I am anticipating a lively discussion with lots of exchange of great information.

This is only one of the reasons you should join a local camera club. Local clubs are wonderful generators of photographic ideas and opportunities. At the local Oakville club we’ve had some really top-notch speakers with really great slide shows of inspiring images.

We’ve also had a series of excellent photographic teachers, like myself and my friend Michael Willems. We’ve taught everything from how to use your point and shoot to how to get radically better images from your pro-level DSLR cameras.

I’m a big fan of sharing information so here’s a pdf of the presentation Online Storage Keynote and go join your local club.