Why you want a waterproof camera

Went down to the Bahamas with my wife on a company junket for their sales staff last week. The photos are up at Peter West Photo.

Took the Olympus cameras and lenses as that’s what my wife likes and can use very well. And that’s all very nice but we’re not taking our cameras out on the beach or a dive boat so I bought an FujiFilm XP-100.

For just over $200 this is an amazing little piece of gear and it’s drop proof and weatherproof and even watertight if you don’t go below 30 feet. Best of all it’s sand proof and I can’t tell you how much I cringed to watch folks bring a couple of thousand of dollars of DSLR and lenses out on the beach with them on windy days.

With a camera like the XP-100, who cares?

Sure it doesn’t shoot as good as my Nikon D-300 or even the Olympus Pens but it’s a survivor and as far as I’m concerned a keeper as well 🙂


One thought on “Why you want a waterproof camera

  1. Image doesn’t seem very sharp especially around the fellow in the white T-Shirt or is it just my monitor?

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