More on Workshops

One of the big problems we have after attending a photo workshop, especially a portrait workshop, is how to practice what we learned.

Most of us don’t have access to a studio and big monolights.

So how to practice?

Here are two tips. It’s summer. You can shoot portraits outside at night thus avoiding the need for a big dark room. Just seat your subject on a chair or better yet a stool in the middle of the lawn  (A stool forces better posture.) and setup at least one off-camera flash preferably into an umbrella.

Another way to practice is volunteer to shoot portraits of members of local clubs or local associations. I’ve done this for my Toastmaster club at their formal charter party. I set up a two flash portable studio using a hotel curtain as a backdrop. I also shoot portraits for any non-profit or charitable group that asks.

If you don’t practice what you’ve learned you loose it.


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