Rick Sammon Coming To Ontario

Rick Sammon is one of the travelling pros I’ve always wanted to take a lesson or two from and now I’ve learned he’s coming to Ontario in September.

Here’s the link to the weekend workshop in Kitchener. Sunday is already sold out! If you decide to get a ticket please mention my name 🙂 (There’s nothing in it for you but I get a small finder’s fee which I will gladly spend at the bar Saturday night buying you a beer!!)

Rick has published 36 books on photography and from what I’ve seen of his online work I think he’s got something to say when it comes to creating better images.

As those of you have taken one of my own workshops over the years I book myself into three or four workshops conducted by other pros as a way of keeping my own shooting at a top-notch level.

Rick’s workshops come highly recommended and for the price (which is inexpensive to say the least) I think anybody who can get a ticket for the Saturday workshop would love the workshop.


One thought on “Rick Sammon Coming To Ontario

  1. There’s a huge difference between a WORKSHOP and a SEMINAR. This is a seminar. Please don’t confuse the two!

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