Who Is Eric Kim?

And the second part to this headline should read: And why is he so damn cool? 🙂

Eric Kim of Eric Kim Street Photography is a young man with a camera. He’s also a young man with a camera with a vision and passion for street photography. Thanks to his blogs and workshops, Eric Kim has become one of the inspirational teachers of street photography.

So what is street photography?

It’s the shooting of images in (mainly) public places of people and things.

Street photography is almost as old as photography itself. It’s first master was a Frenchman, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Born in 1908 Cartier-Bresson had a Box Brownie camera he used to take family vacation photos. He lived an adventurous life and sometime in the 1930s took up photography as a serious pursuit using a tiny Leica camera and 50 mm lens. Eventually he formed the Magnum Photo agency with several other well-known photographers including Robert Capa and David Seymour. Cartier-Bresson became world-famous for his style of photography which captured “the decisive moment” (photo on left) on film thanks in part to his artist training in composition and the use of fast 35mm cameras.

Why is Kim so popular. If you’re interested in street photography is blogsite is a wealth of information.

He shoots great images. (See photo on right called Shiny.) But I think the secret is hidden in an online video his girlfriend did for him.

The video is a promotion of Eric Kim’s workshops which he does around the world now and I suggest that while you watch the video listen to the lyrics in the music that closes the video. It goes: “Because we are your friends, you’ll never be alone again.” Kim isn’t selling a photo course. He’s selling an antidote to loneliness. Shooting photos, especially street photography is a lonely and singular pursuit. It’s what I did for decades as a newspaper photographer. it’s what I still do and Kim is selling the promise of connection and understanding that all photographers long for.

This is a powerful message to all but especially to young people. It’s marketing genius.

One thought on “Who Is Eric Kim?

  1. Looks like a really good website; best I have seen so far for street photography, which is my new photo interest.

    Thanks for the link.

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