Rain Stays Away From Oakville Jazz Festival

Only in Oakville, Ontario can the Mayor declare there will be no rain on the Friday night opening of the Oakville Jazz Festival and get away with it.

On this the 20th anniversary of the amazing street festival, the threat of rain kept crowds down initially but by 9 p.m. Lakeshore Blvd. was packed with people taking advantage of the open-air stages and free concerts that are the hallmark  of this jazz festival.

Rain is called for but forecasts are more optimistic about scattered rain where before they were calling for heavy downpours and violent thunderstorms which did hit Toronto today causing some flooding damage.

The Oakville Jazz Festival features on-the-street restaurant food and lots to do and hear.

In the photos the BIA organizers kicked off the 20th anniversary festival. Pretty girls and great dancers are part of the Oakville festival. Peter Appleyard was the Friday night headliner and where else but the Oakviile Jazz Festival does the music come to you when you’re just sitting on the street?

More photos to come at Peter West Photo. (Should be up by Wednesday at the latest. Help yourself and any commercial use please advise me and all I require is a photo credit.


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