Be Amazed – onOne Software

I just finished watching a free webinar by the folks at onOne Software and I was blown away.

As many of you know I use a lot of presets and external editors when I’m working on my images in Lightroom or even Photoshop. Presets and external editors make photo editing really quick and for the most part do the job I want done really well.

I’m pretty competent working in Lightroom or Photoshop and I can even get Aperture to work for me so for the last little while life has been pretty good.

And then came onOne!

What I saw today from their free onOne Perfect Layers Two package was (and I said this online to demonstrator) “AMAZING”. Did I mention it was free?

You’ve got to watch the webinar yourself but honestly when the demonstrator opened two images of two beautiful girls and using the automatic layering system just erased one girl from one layer so another shot of her emerged from the lower layer my jaw dropped. That was it! There was no complicated drawing outlines around what you did or didn’t want. There was none of the fixing edges that didn’t quite make it. There was no half an hour working on the image.

All the guy did was put the two images in layers and erase the image on the active layer and the second image emerged.

Then he went on to something that would take me tons of time to do and that’s the multiple image shot of the snowboarder flying off a hill. You’ve all seen this shot that has four or more images of the same guy as he takes to the air. It looks like you captured it shooting 20 frames a second and merging the images. But here all you do is open four images shot in sequence which just about any camera can do and just add the kid from shot to shot until you’ve got it. Takes about 30 seconds! BTW the shot was done hand-holding the camera. You’ve got to see this to believe it.

Anyway go to onOne and watch the webinars and demos. Really cool stuff.

BTW I’ve already got a copy of Perfect Portraits which was part of package at a workshop I took this summer. I’m still working with it but so far it’s also very cool. It’s great for lightly erasing some of the age lines we’re all getting as well as automatically whitening teeth and eyes and if you’re shooting teenagers (remember what your face looked like when you were 16) then this is a must-have šŸ™‚


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