Creative Live Photoshop 3-Day Online Workshop

Noon today starts a free ($79 if you buy the videos) online workshop at Creative Live on Photoshop.

The last couple of online workshops on wedding photography by Joe Buissink and Lightroom by Jared were so good I bought the videos at the special show price of $99 each.

I’ve been watching the Lightroom videos and Jared Platt is showing me a lot of things I either didn’t know or didn’t understand the significance of the tools. And Joe’s wedding photography setups is worth the price of admission alone.

But today, if you’ve got a few hours drop by and watch some of the PhotoShop workshop. If you like what you see, then you can either hang around for three days or buy the videos. BTW there’s a replay of the day before’s video prior to the new day’s workshop. So for those of us in Toronto the actual workshop starts at noon and the replay starts sometime in the early morning hours on Thursday.

If you miss the show special price, the videos are available from Creative Live for a standard price which is still pretty cheap when you figure a day-long workshop with any of these guys would cost hundreds of dollars.


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