Manfrotto Steps Up

I love my Manfrotto carbon-fibre tripod. Light, sturdy and affordable it’s my go-to tripod especially when going on vacation.

But Manfrotto is becoming much more than just a tripod manufacturer. Their website is being a wonderful place to learn how to shoot like the pros. For example, I’m watching an amazing webinar (which will be archived on the Manfrotto site) by British art photographer Steve Gosling.

Steve shoots with DSLRs, Leicas and …wait for it…the Olympus Pens!

Now why is this so neat. Well I have two Pens (EPL-2 and an EPL-1 which I got cheap when Henry’s dropped the price to basement levels in order to move stock to make room for newer “better” models) and I am planning on buying a third (either the OM-D or the EPL-5. (The photo was taken with a Pen of a Metro station in Washington D.C. and worked on in Lightroom 4. The original shot came out very yellow due to the lighting so white balance was changed to produce this image.)

Steve gets results I can only dream of using consumer-grade Pens and a ton of talent.

So this means I need to be shooting more and not waiting for commercial jobs (I’m doing a high-end fashion show on the weekend and I’ll be using the Nikons and fast lenses and higher ISOs (due to lighting or lack thereof that I’m expecting) and will likely shoot a thousand or more frames which I’ll pop into Lightroom 4.

So what’s the lesson here? Don’t let your photo equipment limit your thinking 🙂 let alone your shooting!


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