More HDR

I’ve uploaded a smattering of HDR images and a few of Morgan, the model we shot at the Rick Sammon HDR workshop in Kitchener.

HDR is easy to shoot and easier to process using NIK’s HDR Pro 2 software.

Essentially it comes down to this:

Shoot five images either on manual or aperture priority changing the exposure from really dark, to dark, to right on, to light, to really light. In this way you expose of the highlights, the shadows and the mid-range tones. Pop the five images into HDR PRO 2 (or let Lightroom do it for you), push the create button and stand back. Depending on the speed of your processor, your image will be created in HDR and you can use Pro 2’s presets to create your own fabulous HDR images.

Not everyone is thrilled (some shoot only HDR) with the HDR look but it’s fun and allows for some pretty interesting shots. A couple of the old vehicle images were shot using a tripod with the low-end time exposures around 20 seconds or more.

I like the look and I love cranking up the filters and effects. HDR is pretty much the polar opposite of shooting black and white photojournalism which I did for some many years.

If you ever get a chance to take a Rick Sammon course I highly recommend doing so. Rick travels all around the world conducting photo tours and his images and, more importantly, his student’s images are terrific.

Here’s the link to my gallery site where I’m uploading some of the images I shot from the weekend.


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