Lara Jade Live From NYC is one of the greatest resources available to photographers of all levels who are interested in learning more about their craft and their art.

Case in point is 30-something Lara Jade who in my view (remember I’m in my mid 60s and I’ve been shoot pro for over 40 of those years) looks like a little kid with her dad’s camera

Worse is compared to some of BIG personality celebrity photographer/teachers who have appeared on Creativelive, Lara doesn’t fare well on first impression.

First she shows up with one camera and shoots with a 50mm lens. Her studio lighting consists of one soft box and she has a couple of black panels to kill an shadows or ambient light. She admits to being self-taught as a photographer and it shows (I was self-taught as well.) in her misunderstanding of some of the technical things she is doing.

Her online descriptions of what she is doing are sparse even non-existent and the show hosts are forever interjecting comments and questions in an effort to solicit more information from her. The online audience at Creativelive numbers in the hundreds and hundreds and there is a never-ending series of questions of what F-stop? What shutter-speed? What lights? Is that a PocketWizard?

Lara, IMHO, barely knows the answers to any of these questions. She shoots one way outside (high ISO – high shutter speed – wide open aperture – likes grain)  and another way in the studio (low ISO, low shutter speed to sync with camera – medium aperture – and likes grain) and that’s it kids.

So what’s the bottom line here?


Lara Jade is an artist. She happens to use a camera to record her art. She has learned enough technical stuff to get by and then she goes out and shoots the pants of me. (Here’s a link to a video she produced that will show you her at work.)

Lara Jade is my new hero. She is who I wanted to be when I was young. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I wasn’t young, slender, blond, breathy and very very pretty.  Plus I wasn’t enormously talented.

I was young, slender (oh how I wish for those days) not blond or breathy and I was pretty enough but I wasn’t enormously talented. I was just talented enough.

Watch Day two of the Lara Jade workshop Live From New York City starts today at 10am and you can watch for free or purchase the download for $99.

I’ve bought four Creativelive downloads so far this year and I am likely to buy a couple more (There’s one on Photoshop I’ve booked off time to watch). When you add up the cost, it’s cheaper than going to photographer school and the online teachers are the best working photographers in the business right now. has a neat marketing concept. Anyone can watch the two or three day live webcasts for free and if they wish they can purchase a professionally edited DVD of the session for a discount. If you’re retired like I am, time is not much of an issue but when I see a workshop which I want for my educational library the old credit card comes out.

Some of the presenters are great technical shooters. Some are great photographers. And a very few are great artists (Zack Aris comes to mind.). Lara Jade is a great artist and this is a great workshop.

As for me? Now I go back to editing photos from the 2012 Toronto Zombie Walk. Lara will shooting models in New York City. Life isn’t fair. In fact, it’s downright cruel.


2 thoughts on “Lara Jade Live From NYC

  1. 30 something? She’s 23. Amazing right? Seems she barely knew the exposure triangle (or I’m missing something), she was shooting high iso to ‘let in more light’, rather than dropping from 1/1000 shutter speed (for a static model??) didn’t understand that. But hey she’s rocking it.

    • I agree. Technically she’s a bit clueless but artistically she’s already way better than I will ever be. An amazing photographer with her whole bright future ahead of her. She can learn that changing ISO doesn’t “let in” more light. LOL Meantime she kicks my butt and a lot of other good to great photographers’s butts all over the place. Gifted.

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